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Choice Of Bathroom Cabinet Installation Method
Choice Of Bathroom Cabinet Installation Method

1There are two main ways to install bathroom cabinets, hanging type and floor type. The actual storage capacity of the two methods is similar. As a vanity manufacturer, there are some tips to share with you.

Two methods to install


1. Floor-type

Traditional and practical is the more traditional and common way in the early years. It can be replaced at any time, with various styles and easy installation.
Note: In non-dry and wet toilets, the quality and maintenance requirements of the cabinet feet are relatively high, otherwise it will be prone to rot and deform under long-term humid and stagnant water.

2. Suspended

Modern and fashionable, the unique hanging style breaks through the tradition, no longer worry about the problem of wet and stagnant water on the ground, easy to take care of, making the bathroom wholly transparent and open.
Note: It needs to be installed on a wall with sufficient load-bearing capacity, such as load-bearing walls, solid brick walls, etc.


What should we pay attention to when buying a bathroom cabinet like wall mounted mirror cabinet?

In addition to storage, bathroom cabinets also need to take care of functions such as grooming and dressing, so what details should we pay attention to when buying?

Combined size
The depth of the upper cabinet in the bathroom is 12~18cm, the depth of the lower cabinet is 60cm, and the width of the bathroom cabinet is 50~150cm.
It is generally recommended to be 60cm~80cm for single-use, and 120cm or more for double use.
No matter what material and type of bathroom cabinet you choose, the most important thing is to look at the degree of opening and closing of the cabinet. The more precise the hinge, the tighter it is. In this way, water, dust, and other substances are not easy to get in, which can better protect the supplies placed inside. In the special environment of the bathroom, there are more large and small items to be used. Consider the storage of large and small items. It is recommended to choose multi-layer drawers such as large internal drawers and internal drawer dividers to be more practical.

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