How to Choose a Bathroom mirror

It's easy for people to overlook the importance of a mirror. A mirror is a reflection of many other things. We can see them all before we see the mirror. A mirror is an important component of any room, including your bathroom. There are many options when it comes to size, style, or shape. I have put together this guide to help make your bathroom mirror look great.

Sizing Your Mirror

Consider not just the function of your mirror but also its proportions when choosing the right size. For a balanced look, consider the size of your mirror in relation to the size of you vanity.

Typically, vanity mirrors don't extend beyond the vanity. However, there are some exceptions which we will discuss shortly.

One common method is to make sure the mirror is exactly the same width as the vanity. This will ensure that the two lines up perfectly.

It is possible to make this much simpler if you purchase a custom-sized, mirror.

If the mirrors are not equal in width, you can try another solid option: Make the mirror approximately 70 to 80 percent wider than your vanity. This will make the mirror appear smaller but not smaller.

Functional mirrors should only be one foot higher than and lower than the eye line of people using them. You should be able to reach at least one foot higher than your eye line. It will allow you to see more of the space and give you more options. Reach at least 4 to 6 feet above the floor.

Single vs. Multiple vs. Single

A wide vanity with multiple sinks can be used to place multiple mirrors.

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity.

A variety of tall and narrow mirrors can give a room a vertical appearance, emphasizing its height (especially if you have high ceilings). One large mirror will open up the space by reflecting more on the walls. It is up to you which mirror you prefer.

Even if you have only one sink, multiple mirrors are possible to work.

Actually, by placing a mirror in the center of the sink, and then adding a second mirror that is symmetrical, the whole composition can look better than if you used just one mirror.

How to Choose the Right Sink


A smaller mirror size allows for more space for sconces. Although vanity lights can be placed in different places, it's best to place them at the sides of mirrors. This will illuminate the face well and make it both functional and beautiful.

You should leave enough space for sconces by choosing a mirror that is 60 to 70% of the vanity's width. If you have multiple mirrors, divide the difference by how many. This allows the sconces to hang above the vanity instead of hanging out beyond its edges.

How to get your vanity lighting right

Wall-to Wall Mirrors

A different way to size your mirror is to ignore its dimensions and use it to fill the whole wall. Often, it will run above the toilet. This will allow you to use a larger mirror which can help make a smaller bathroom feel twice as large.

This allows you to run the mirror virtually wall-to-wall, and often up to the ceiling. Or extend it from the vanity to the end nearest a fixture.

It should not be too large to fill the entire wall in the second case. It should also be aligned with the objects below.

A custom-sized mirror that fits perfectly wall to wall is more expensive than buying a pre-made piece.

However, this is often a cheaper option than using stone or tile to run behind or around a smaller reflection.

A custom-fitted mirror, paired with a splash of luxury material, may make sense depending on your goals and budget.

Framed vs. Frameless

There are several reasons frameless mirrors are popular in bathrooms. The first is their affordability, but they are still very stylish. The second reason is their modern appeal. Even bathrooms in traditional homes are often a bit more modern to give them a "spa-like" feel.

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