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How to choose a bathroom mirror
How to choose a bathroom mirror

It is easy to forget about a mirror. We see reflections of many things when we look at a mirror. A good mirror is essential for any room, but especially in the bathroom. There are so many choices in size, style, and shape. This guide will help you make the right choice and find the perfect bathroom mirror.

Sizing Your Mirror

You should not only consider function but also proportion when choosing the size of your mirror. You can create a balanced look by comparing the size of your mirror to your vanity.

Generally, vanity mirrors do not extend beyond the vanity, but there are exceptions that we will discuss later.

Common practice is to make your mirror as large as your vanity, so that they line up perfectly.

This is easier if you have a custom-sized mirror.

You can make them about 70-80 percent wider than the vanity to give the mirror a smaller appearance, but still not too small.

A functional mirror should be about one foot taller than the eyeline of those who will use it. The higher you can reach, the better. This will give you more viewing angles and open up the space. At least 4-7 feet from the ground is a good goal.

Single vs. Multiple vs. Single

You have two options when you have a large vanity, particularly one with multiple sinks: you can use multiple mirrors or one wide enough to serve both.

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A room can look more vertical if it has several tall, narrow mirrors. This is especially true if the ceilings are high. A single large mirror can open up a room, reflecting more light on the walls to the sides. The choice is ultimately up to your personal preference.

Multiple mirrors can be used even if there is only one sink.

Actually, it is possible to make the entire composition more balanced by placing a mirror at the sink and then adding another mirror that is symmetrical to the one above.

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You can also use smaller mirrors to make it easier to place sconces between them. You can place a vanity light in many places. However, placing it at the sides of the mirror illuminates the face well.

If you need to leave room for sconces in your vanity, select a mirror closer to 60-70 percent of its width (or divided by the number of mirrors if there are more than one). This will allow the sconces to rest above the vanity and not hang beyond it.

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Wall-to Wall Mirrors

You can use a different method to size your mirror. Instead of focusing on the vanity's dimensions, the mirror should be used to fill the entire wall. It is often placed above the toilet. You can make a small bathroom seem twice as big by using a larger mirror.

You can extend the mirror from one end to another.

To avoid it looking too small, however, the item should fill the majority of the wall. It should be in line with the objects below.

One thing is certain: Buying a prefabricated piece of mirror will cost you more than a custom-sized one.

It is also a more affordable option than running stone or tile behind or around smaller mirrors.

It may be a good idea to have a custom-fitted, mirror with some splurge materials below.

Framed vs. Frameless

For a number of reasons, frameless mirrors are very popular in bathrooms. They are often less expensive and still look great. They have a modern appeal. Bathrooms in older homes can be a little more modern to create a spa-like feel.

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