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Mirror cabinet installation method and installation height
Mirror cabinet installation method and installation height

We will encounter various problems when the house is being renovated. The installation of mirror cabinets is an indispensable part of the bathroom. The height of the installation of mirror cabinets is very important. Comfortable. So, do you know the appropriate height of the mirror cabinet? How much do you know about the specific installation method?

1. Mirror cabinet installation height

In general, if you install a bathroom cabinet, the mirror is on the bathroom cabinet, so the highest position of the mirror is probably between 1.7 meters and 1.8 meters because the mirrors have a certain height, so Do not exceed 1.8 meters when reserving the mirror headlight cable. Some people often put the reserved line at a position of 2 meters, and the mirror cannot cover the line, which will affect the overall appearance of our room.

2. Mirror cabinet installation method

Wall-mounted bathroom main cabinet: Select the wall surface to be installed according to the hole position of the back wall of the cabinet body, but the height of the counter surface from the ground is between 80-82CM. Use an impact drill to drill holes in the wall surface. The plastic accessories in the cabinet are expanded into the holes, and then the main cabinet and the wall are locked with self-acting screws. After the main cabinet is installed, the washbasin is aligned with the wooden cabinet to adjust and lay flat.

3. Bathroom mirror

First, according to the position of the two holes on the back of the mirror, determine the position of the two holes on the wall of the appropriate bitmap above the main cabinet, but the size of the lowermost end of the mirror and the main countertop is between 23-28CM, and then punch and screw on Power screws so that the mirror can be installed.

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