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Sharing a set of kitchen accessories, the space becomes 5㎡ instantly
Sharing a set of kitchen accessories, the space becomes 5㎡ instantly

The sorting of kitchen accessories is also the key to storage. Carefully observe the tidy and orderly kitchens. You will find that these kitchens have one thing in common in storage, that is, the pots and pans, vegetables, rice, oil, salt, knives, and forks in these kitchens. Plates ... All kitchen utensils are neatly arranged, which not only looks pleasing to the eye but also makes it much easier to handle.
An ingenious use of wall space
An easy-to-use kitchen does not accumulate everything in a certain area; accordingly, the use of vertical space is one of the key factors in creating a full-scale kitchen. In this way, each inch of space can be fully utilized, and the overall space is coordinated. Not only is it visually beautiful, but it will not cause crowding and surprises in daily use.

Wall-mounted storage method: Hang all kinds of spoons, cooking utensils, and even spices as much as possible, so that they are neat and orderly so that the items are presented in front of us for convenient use.
Wall expansion method: Install a row of racks on the upper wall of the countertop, and put bottles, cans, and cans that cannot be hung up, which is equivalent to adding a layer of countertop space.
By sliding shelves (drawers), the vertical cabinets are divided into different storage areas, and the items can be easily taken. The upper layer is suitable for storing unused kitchen supplies. The middle layer is placed with seasonings and packaged ingredients, but the volume is relatively small. Large oil bottles and rice bags can be stored on the lower level.

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