Solid wood bathroom cabinet vs stainless steel bathroom cabinet: Which is better?

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There are two popular bathroom cabinet styles favored by clients: one is solid wood bathroom cabinet, the other is stainless steel bathroom cabinet. And each has its own characteristics. Which is better? Below listed is the comparison between these two types. Let’s reach out to learn it.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet vs stainless steel bathroom cabinet: Which is better?

In terms of style, solid wood vanity unit has classical, European and Chinese styles; From the material, there are many kinds of boards, such as foam board and multi-layer board. The quality cannot be distinguished easily from its appearance. From the perspective of consumer groups, the advantages of solid wood bathroom cabinet are beautiful, easy to shape and high-grade. Disadvantages are easy to deform, high water absorption. Normally, solid wood bathroom cabinet with poor quality is moldy and deformed in one year, and the one with good quality can be used for about 3-4 years. Solid wood covers all groups of people, but the style is similar, you rarely see wooden bathroom cabinet with mirror what brights spot.

Regarding stainless steel mirror cabinet, it’s more popular in recent years, which is a supplement and challenge to the wooden bathroom cabinet. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is high-end, and better waterproof performance. The material is stainless steel 304 that will not rust. But because of its internal fillings are foam or moisture-proof boards, bacteria will also grow in 4-5 years. However, a stainless steel bathroom cabinet with mirror can be used for more than 5 years, which is worth every penny in the long run.


On the whole, solid wood bathroom cabinet and stainless steel bathroom cabinet have their own advantages and disadvantages. As for which one to choose, it depends on personal preferences and interior overall style. As a bathroom vanity manufacturer, we offer bathroom mirror cabinet sale and custom mirror cabinet.


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