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Tips For Buying Bathroom Cabinets In The Bathroom, Pay Attention To These 3 Details, There Is No Trouble Buying!


The bathroom was finally renovated, but it was difficult to choose the bathroom cabinet! What material is good? Should pay attention to 3 details? Let me tell you the answer!

Material selection

The materials of bathroom cabinets mainly include multi-layer boards, solid wood, metal, etc., among which wood is the most common material.

1. Solid wood
Solid wood raw materials need to go through multiple processes such as dehydration and drying to be better used. Common solid woods are oak and rubberwood.
Advantages: natural environmental protection, beautiful atmosphere. Suitable for people with sufficient budget and high aesthetic requirements

2. Multi-layer solid wood panels
The multi-layer solid wood panel is a bathroom cabinet material that has been laminated, painted, or baked with waterproof treatment on the surface.
Advantages: natural texture, good decoration. It is suitable for people who like wood grain material, but the budget is not so sufficient.

3. Personalized metal
Using high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials, it is processed through dozens of processes such as oiling, sand drawing, shearing, stamping, bending, filing, welding, assembly, and polishing.
Advantages: excellent waterproof and moisture-proof; durable and long-lasting; easy to take care of. Suitable for modern young people who pursue creative personality.

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