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Types of Medicine Cabinet


The medicine cabinet is made of imported stainless steel, it is embedded and easy to fix, and the surface is matt, non-dazzling, corrosion-resistant, and cleaning-resistant. It is convenient for equipment management, clean, suitable for various operating room functional needs, and meets cleanliness standards. With double-opening lift doors or sliding doors, the inner horizontal and vertical partitions are designed according to different purposes, which is convenient for medical staff to access various surgical supplies as needed. The inner body design is simple and reasonable.

Types of medicine cabinets

According to materials, medicine cabinets can be divided into three types: all-wood medicine cabinets, all-steel medicine cabinets, and stainless steel medicine cabinets.

1. All wood medicine cabinet

The whole wood medicine cabinet is suitable for placing conventional medicines. The conventional medicines mentioned here refer to medicines that are not corrosive.

2. All-steel medicine cabinet

The all-steel medicine cabinet is mainly made of steel plate that has been pickled, phosphate and epoxy resin powder electrostatic sprayed. This kind of medicine cabinet is more suitable for storing corrosive chemicals and reagents.

Now the country has issued relevant drug management laws. Special drugs, such as highly corrosive, toxic, and harmful drugs, must be stored in special drug cabinets. All-steel drug cabinets can be a better choice. For the storage of drugs with high volatility and high odor, it is usually necessary to install pipes and fans on the top of the medicine cabinet to exhaust the gas in the cabinet to the outside, and the air intake hole must be opened under the side plate or the plate of the medicine cabinet, So as not to vacuum the cabinet.

3. Stainless steel medicine cabinet

The price of the stainless steel medicine cabinet is relatively high, but because of its excellent material, strong corrosion-resistance, wide application range, and long service life, the stainless steel medicine cabinet is favored by more and more users.

There are several other medicine cabinets used in laboratory furniture. Of course, according to the materials, there are also medicine cabinets made of aluminum and wood, steel and wood, and internal laminates made of physical and chemical panels.

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