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What can electric towel racks do?
What can electric towel racks do?

First, electric towel rack can keep dry
Friends who have seen clothes and moldy corners should all feel how uncomfortable and disgusting it is to get wet, especially when they are out of the hotel. If you only bring a pair of socks, congratulations, I washed the second tonight Heaven, either wear wet or not, whichever one is quite uncomfortable.
Especially in the winter or the rainy season in the south, clothes, bath towels, and towels are not available for drying. If there is a dryer, it is okay to go out without a dryer. The electric towel rack is a good solution. This problem is not a matter of mildew and odor.

Second, electric towel racks can provide heating
The electric towel rack is like a small radiator, but the power is not so big, but it is more than enough to deal with a small bathroom, and after the shower, you can also feel the warm towels by the way. This sense of happiness is simply not Dare to imagine.
But drying towels, bath towels and the like can also be done with radiators and dryers. Why bother?

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