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What to Look for in the towel warmers for sale?
What to Look for in the towel warmers for sale?

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What is an electric towel heater? As its name suggests, a towel rack is heated by electricity. Why do people have the preference for the bath towel warmer? In comparison to the traditional towel rack, the towel warmers for sale have the advantages of sterilization, bacteriostasis and good drying effect, which has risen in popularity in modern’s society. Basically, the towel warmer can be found in the high-end hotel. Given the ample use of towel warmer, what elements should be taken into account when buying?

- Style

Although there are a large array of tower warmers in the market, but it comes in several types of heated towel warmers. Rack-style towel warmer is a great bet for towels in the larger bath-size. For making full use of space, wall mounted towel warmer, also known as freestanding towel warmer which is one of the rack-style warmers, came into being to free up the floor space. Some cabinet-style warmer is designed for hand towels and washcloths, while if you want to place the robes and others, the barrel-shaped warmers may be your ideal choice.

- Capacity

Before the choice of the heated warmer, one point to consider is how many towels should be heated. In terms of smaller heated towel warmer, it can help you to save space as well as reduce energy consumption to a large extend, and vice versa.

- Sterilization

Sterilization is also of utmost importance during the use of towel warmer, and is often in the form of UV light. As far as nail salon is concerned, it’s a place that hopes to keep bacteria away and is long for hygiene and sanitation. Thus, a heated towel warmer with a UV light can play a great role. Even there is no UV sterilization in the towel warmer, which is also of great help to reduce the growth of germs by the ways of quickly drying the towel.

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